Barrel Racing Clinic

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Barrel racing clinics with Bill Dunigan will help in the training of both barrel riders and barrel racing horses through the use of detailed lessons, tips and practice. These Barrel Racing Clinics are designed for those riders who are just starting out, as well as those who already have experience barrel racing, and want a better understanding of the basics of the sport. These clinics are not for beginning riders. Riders must be fully capable of handling their horse in a group setting.

The Instructor for all clinics is Bill Dunigan

Clinics are kept small, (approximately 10 - 15 riders), to allow for increased individual attention. This is very important in the early stages of racing, so that each rider clearly understands exactly what he or she is doing, and not simply following along. Individual attention is beneficial for improving riding form, and thus, allows for riding and racing consistency.

Both horse and rider should be fit enough to work together several times a day throughout the clinic. We do not take time out from the sessions for the sale of equine equipment or tack, thus there is more time to spend with clinic participants, and the participants have more riding time.

One of the aims of the clinic is to enable a rider, who is fairly new to barrel racing, to gain a solid foundation in the basics of the sport. Additionally, these clinics are an excellent way for the more experienced rider to be able to work with a new or green horse, without pushing the rider or the horse too much.

After attending one of these clinics, a rider will have the knowledge, and should have the capability and confidence, to go on to more serious competitive riding. He or she should also be able to take part in a more advanced clinic, for larger groups of riders, without feeling intimidated.

These clinics are especially good for those riders who are coming from other riding disciplines, as Bill Dunigan's riding, training and teaching background is quite diverse.

The primary goal is to produce riders who are knowledgeable, safety conscious, and aware of the well being of their horse, as well as being able to win races.

Please know that all are welcome, Men, Women and Youth.

Always remember that riding of any kind is a partnership sport. Your horses depend on you just as much as you depend on them, perhaps, even more.

Good luck in all your riding. We look forward to working with you and your horse.

If you would like to find out more about attending or hosting a clinic yourself, check our How To Host a Clinic page.

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